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Hotel Porto Santo     3 stars

 The Porto Santo Hotel enjoys a privileged location in the Villa of Baracoa, it is next to Baracoa bay, with a small private beach where according to the legend was seated the famous Cross of the Parra, the religious historical object older than is conserved of the arrival from the Spaniards to America.

Prices Form:     € 45 (per room/night)

Hotel El Castillo     3 stars

El Castillo hotel (The Castle) is the result of the adaptation of an old colonial fort (Sanguily Fort), built in 18th Century with a privileged location at the top of a hill. This location allows its several splendid views of the mountains that circle the City, views of the City itself and to the one of the three bays that surround it.

Prices Form:     € 45 (per room/night)

Hotel La Habanera     3 stars

 The Habanera Hotel is located on the Independence Square, in the heart of the historical city of Baracoa, the first of the seven villages founded by the Spaniards in Cuba.

Prices Form:     € 48 (per room/night)

Hotel La Rusa     2 stars

 The Hotel La Rusa, named for a glamorous but mysterious Russian lady - "La Rusa": "the Russian woman", is one of the distinctive features of the Malecón in Baracoa.

Prices Form:     € 39 (per room/night)

Hotel Gaviota Villa Maguana     2 stars

 Villa Maguana is the perfect place for those looking for a small paradise in a land full of legends and traditions. The exhuberant nature and the white sand and crystal-clear waters is an invitation to stay.

Prices Form:     € 62 (per room/night)