Cuba 1762

Photo tour and history of British capture of Havana during Seven Years War.

Cuba and World History

Cuba and the apocalyptic atomic confrontation are part of events dating to the beginning of the Christian era.

Historical Text Archive

Articles, books, essays, documents, historical photos, and links, for primary and secondary materials.

History of Cuba

Several documents related to the history of this country provided by the World History Archives.

History of Cuba Index

World-Wide Web Virtual Library site providing links for the history of Cuba in English and Spanish.

Manuel R. Moreno Fraginals

His contributions to the study of Cuba, the history of sugar in this country, and the Caribbean region.


Collection of academic papers, with an emphasis on the process of socialist development on the island and international solidarity.

Rock Around the Blockade

Cuban history presented by the Revolutionary Communist Group.

The Spanish American War in Cuba

Includes articles, first-hand accounts, photos, and unit histories.

State Department Documents: Cuba, 1961-1962

US Department of State documents on Cuba in the period of the Bay of Pigs Invasion and preceding the Cuban Missile Crisis.