Cuba Contact

Directory of nonprofit organizations that have worked in Cuba or in partnership with Cuban institutions. From the Florida International University Cuban Research Institute. Travel information and links.

Cuban Charitable Classics

Sporting events designed to raise money to improve the quality of life in Cuba. Mission and strategy, description and photos of events.

AfroCubaWeb: the African cultures in Cuba

A site about AfroCuban culture, music, dance, religion, etc.


The official portal of the Cuban culture

La Casa de las Americas

Website of the cuban institution "La Casa de las Americas", an institution dedicated to the cultural exchange between latinamerican countries.

Ministerio de Cultura

The official site of the Ministery of Culture of the Republic of Cuba.

Gay Cuba

A site with information about the gay community in cuba.

Gay Cuba a Bright Lights Film Journal Film

Gay Cuba combines interviews with gay and lesbian men, government officials, and average citizens, with musical performances and gay pride parades. Along the way, we get a quick, painless lesson in Cuban history.

CubaMania Forums

CubaMania is one of the largest and most informative Cuba websites on the web. News, travel , cuban music, art and more. Private casas and CubaMania book club. And Puro Cubano for for Cubans. Are you a CubaManiac ?? [url=]CubaMania for CubaManiacs[/url] :-D :-D

Alo Cubano

Information on santeria, Cuban history and culture, and prominent artists, writers, and musicians. In mixed English and Spanish.