Caribbean Medical Transport

US-based group sends medical supplies to rural Cuba. Information on Cuban medical system and fundraising projects.

The Cuba AIDS Project

US nonprofit providing humanitarian medical assistance and educational materials to Cuban NGOs. Background information, travel opportunities, photos, and donations.

Institute of Hematology and Immunology

Havana. Describes research programs, patient services, and laboratory facilities. [English/Spanish]

International Center of Neurologic Restoration (CIREN)

Information on staff, facilities, and projects of this research institution, as well as treatments offered to the public. [English/Spanish]

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba

Offers elective experiences in Cuba for students in the health sciences in the United States and Canada, along with an English language journal of Cuban medical research.

Pedro Kourí­ Tropical Medicine Institute

Describes institute history and research divisions including microbiology, parasitology, and epidemiology, with information on publications and conferences.[English/Spanish]


US nonprofit supports public health development through the Cuban medical information network InfoMed. Describes informatics partnership in creating system, and donations of computer equipment.

World Health Organization

Statistics and health indicators, with comparisons to other countries. [English/Spanish/French]

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